Successful Young Indian Businessmen

India has a population of around 1.3 billion people. It is a country existing of people coming from a variety of cultures, ethnicities and religions. India is considered to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

The younger generation of Indians is full of ideas and progressive thinking. Many of them have invested in their own businesses, small-scale setups and startup companies. Many Indians, after returning back to their countries from living and studying abroad for a while, bring back new ideas and innovations which they put into practice in their country.

A lot of businesses and startups fail, but some of them also prove to be extremely successful. One example is a young Indian Entrepreneur Kartikeya Sharma, founder and promoter of itv media network. He is undoubtedly a source of inspiration for the younger generation in India trying to follow their hearts, willing to take risks and starting their own businesses. Kartikeya Sharma has come a long way to prove his worth in the media industry, and within the media giants, he has surely carved his name. This gives motivation to many young Indians and shows that there still is scope in those industries where there are already highly established businesses. It is only possible with passion, hard work and perseverance to make a name for yourself.

Kartikeya Sharma is only one such name in a long list of young businessmen thriving in India and achieving great success. There are many others like him, in every field and every industry. Other industries where there are plenty of such success stories are technology and entertainment, for instance. Whether you are young or old, hard work never goes to waste.