Humpty Dumpty- A rhyme about a Cute Egg

We all have grown up listening to the rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and it’s still popular among babies and children. The nursery rhyme is said to be originated in 1810 but it got famous when it was printed in the book ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’. Humpty Dumpty has always been shown as a round and cute egg who is sitting on a wall. The word ‘humpty dumpy’ is also considered to be one of the best English speaking words. The rhyme was reworked and the modern version was presented in 1954 and that is the version still popular among children and adults both.

About the lyrics:

The Humpty Dumpty rhyme is about an egg named ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and takes place when he is sitting on the wall. Suddenly he falls down and gets shattered to pieces. Then all the king’s men and horses come to rescue him but they aren’t able to put him back together to his original form again. Some people call this rhyme a ‘riddle’ while others declare it as a story. Some of the nursery rhymes are based on historical events but it’s not sure whether this one is linked to a particular event or not. Some people link it to the fall of Colchester when a man named Thompson placed a Cannon on a wall to stop the advancing troops. The cannon eventually fell down and no one could put it back on top again.

Takeaways for kids:

There is no particular meaning or lesson related to this rhyme, and it is just meant for fun. It is a cute sing-along song and if presented along with a video, children love watching it. It is also included as a preschool rhyme where teachers use an egg and paint on it to make a Humpty Dumpty. The rhyme can also be used to teach children that we should be very careful when sitting anywhere, and make sure that the place is not very high.

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