Piggy on the Railway Line- A lesson to learn

‘Piggy on the Railway Line’ is one of the most meaningful nursery rhymes and they teach a nice lesson in a funny way. Most of the best nursery rhymes focus on fun and enjoyment because they are meant to make the kids happy, but some – such as this one – have a serious message.

Piggy on the Railway Line’ is a unique kids song as it breaks stereotypes and teaches kids a very important lesson about life. Even at their tender age, kids should be taught how to keep themselves safe.

About the lyrics:

The rhyme is short, but it still has an impact on children. The story starts with a piglet standing on a railroad and is picking up stones. Suddenly a train comes and breaks the piggy’s bone. The piggy says ‘oh’ but the train driver is least bothered and says, “I don’t care”. In some places, the poem is stated till only this and is based on two paragraphs only. However, some variants include more phrases such as the father piggy comes and tells the injured piggy that railway tracks are not safe, and no one should go near them.

Takeaways for children:

This is one of the most beautiful toddler songs because it makes the children learn that they shouldn’t go near the railway lines. The nursery rhyme offers a fun and joyous way to learn an important message which kids wouldn’t understand otherwise if taught directly. Preschoolers can learn to sing with actions and also understand the concept of this rhyme easily. ‘Piggy on the railway’ can prove to be one of the best preschool songs and you can use it as a tool to give an important message to the children at the same time.

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